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The Best Marketing and Advertising Strategies for Chocolate

Yeah, that's right. We're talking about candy. We all love it, and there's no question chocolatiers don't have to work very hard to convince us to have some. But how DO they market it, exactly? And if you have dreams of opening your own chocolate shop, what can you do to get people to take note and give it a try?

Chocolatiers who are just starting out in the business need to establish their brands by getting the word out to consumers, and this can be done in a variety of different ways. The advertising of chocolate should be taken seriously, as it can make or break a business that is trying to get off the ground.

Traditionally, these types of ads relied on fun themes, such as chocolate bars being a reward, being presented as a seductive treat or something that kids crave. Today, chocolate can be advertised via a number of techniques.

The Advertising of Chocolate

The writers at Chocolate Class delve deep into the history of advertising of chocolate, starting off with a 1950s ad that positioned a candy bar as a reprieve from work. Another kind of chocolate bar was marketed as a relief from hunger for people suffering through long work days.

With the advent of digital marketing, you are more likely to see chocolate advertisements on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms, as well as on websites. Local chocolate businesses do not need really need to place ads on national television to find success.

Dame Cacao writers discuss the advertising of chocolate on Instagram, and they recommend creating an Instagram ad. You will first need to create an account. This involves deciding what kind of account you want (business is a better choice than person), who you want to see it and how much money you can afford to spend.

Then, you will have to design the ad. Choose images that represent your brand. There are free services that can help create advertisements for you.

You can create funny ads about chocolate cravings, people being starved for chocolate or how chocolate can be seductive or wake people up when they’re tired. Websites like Marketing Birds post pictures of creative chocolate ads that can serve as inspiration for you.

Start by running several ads a week, and track the results; you can also cross-post your ads on Facebook. If you aren’t ready to try digital marketing, the advertising of chocolate can also be carried out in local newspapers. You may have to hire an agency to create your ad, but the publication may be able to put it together for you for an additional cost.

Marketing Homemade Chocolates

It is important for small businesses to have websites, and this involves research, design and finding the best ways to ship the products. It usually requires a significant investment though, and might not be possible until you start turning a profit. Instead, you can look at some fun ways to advertise your chocolate that can translate into a lot of sales.

Start by letting friends and family know that you have started a chocolate business, and provide them with free samples. Companies like WH Candy make custom candy wrappers, and you can order some online to package your chocolate.

Networking and Business Building

If someone you know is having a party or other small event, offer to provide free chocolate bars wrapped in custom wrappers to commemorate the event. You can add the bars to gift baskets, attach balloons to them or wrap them up in coordinating boxes.

Read your local newspapers and check event websites to see whether there are any other events that might be mutually beneficial. For example, you could reach out to the president of the area garden club to see if they might like some free chocolate bars at their upcoming meeting.

Be sure to include business cards, or have your name and contact information printed on the wrappers of your confections. Another idea is to contact schools or other nonprofits about participating in fundraisers. You could sell the candy bars at one price to them, and they could add on a dollar to raise money for clubs or sports.

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