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Science and Tech

The more technical the work you do, the more important it is that your content be extremely precise. We are proud to offer clients in the science and technology industries SEO-backed content creation, video and podcast production, and social media management services.

Science and Tech Marketing Basics

Precision Counts

From your lab to your fab, being as accurate as possible matters. We get it, and we'll ensure your content is produced with your industry's technical language and nuances in mind.

Find a Voice

If you are trying to reach consumers or the general public, you'll want to deploy a very different content strategy than if you're hoping to impress your industry peers. We'll work with you to find the proper voice and level of technical specificity before we put pen to paper.

Identify Your Audience

Some clients in the science and tech space are targeting customers in the service industries; others are trying to reach consumers directly. Still others have large private or government contracts and require technical writing and RFP services. We can help pinpoint which marketing tactics are right for you.

Content Type Matters

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have more success with informative or instructional videos and podcasts than Facebook posts or tweets. We can point you in the right direction.


Building an Online Presence for
Science and Technology Companies

The scientific community is an interesting combination of open and closed. Anyone called to work as a scientist knows the drive to share information and new findings. However, complicated scientific details aren’t necessarily accessible to individuals without an advanced education that would allow them to understand specifics. 

Many scientists don’t use Facebook or Twitter for scientific conversations due to a perceived lack of credibility and reputation. However, some science-related Facebook profiles and pages see upwards of tens of millions of followers. 

Science and technology companies use online marketing differently than other companies who may want to build an online brand with humorous, entertaining content. Most science and tech companies sell specialized products, meaning their customer base is not only very specific but probably isn’t looking for a funny video with their purchase.


Nevertheless, as the online marketplace grows, SEO, content marketing, and social media are becoming increasingly important, even in these fields.


Science Fields See Low Conversion Rates Online

Click-through rates (CTR) for advertisements from technology-based companies see around a 1% rate for generally displayed ads and 2.5% for paid ads that appear within search results. This means that if 100 people see ads for this particular company on a different website, only one will click through to visit the business’s site. 

Lead-to-sales conversion ratios are particularly low in the life sciences. This is partially due to the limited audience for these products (no random consumer wants to click on an advertisement for fluorescent-labeled antibodies) but can be a concern for companies dumping resources into their online presence. 

Many of these companies now offer online content in the form of white papers and educational articles to bring customers to their sites, but it can be difficult to bridge the gap between a PhD looking for resources and a curious layperson.


The Importance of Scientific and Technological Information

Online presence and social media can help spread new knowledge and findings, increase accessibility to these kinds of studies, and boost the credibility of institutional platforms. One study suggested that mentioning and sharing academic articles on Twitter can increase downloads and citations soon after an article is published.


Many scientists also believe that social media outreach can help them show credibility and relevance to funding agencies when applying for grants.


Likewise, conference hashtags have proven to be a powerful tool for spreading discoveries and innovations online. For example, in today’s pandemic world, much of the scientific work on the COVID-19 vaccine has been shared online for easy access. 


Using SEO As A Technical Company

A business making a very particular kind of technology may think there’s no value in enlarging its online presence, but this isn’t the case.


It’s incredibly easy for science and technology companies to generate quality online content since there’s a nearly unlimited number of avenues to explore and topics to cover related to their products. 

Depending on the target audience, these companies can cater certain online content to both experienced, knowledgeable consumers and the curious casual web searchers looking for accessible educational articles. 


Bringing in traffic that can then, for example, give an exciting article a positive vote or “thumbs up” can improve the company’s search engine rankings substantially. 

Google’s confidential search mechanics may use up to 200 different factors when ranking websites, but some of these factors are known, and one is backlinking. When other websites link to a company’s page as a reference, the importance of that page rises in Google’s search algorithm.


Combining this kind of quality content with properly used keywords and page meta standards can give a scientific company a definitive edge over the competition.

If you still need some pointers, don't hesitate to reach out. We are happy to help! We can provide you with a free SEO and web presence audit to see where you most need our expertise. We would love to get to know what your company does and help you grow your business.

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Not all companies within the science and tech space have the same marketing needs. We get that.

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