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10 Minute Marketing 

A podcast from marketing experts and entrepreneurs to help other startups and founders boost their marketing efforts.

Presented by Danielle Smyth,Founder & CEO at Wordsmyth Creative Content Marketing

With a passion for all things marketing and the entrepreneurial journey, Danielle brings you an information-packed 10 minute briefing each week on what you need to know now to boost your marketing efforts and grow your business.

Things 10 Minute Marketing Covers:

Digital Marketing

What's the funnel? What's a flywheel? Why does it sound like I'm playing with water toys in the backyard?

Cool Marketing Ideas

What's new and exciting in the world of marketing? What are other brands doing? (And can we copy them?)

Your Social Media

How to get noticed online and hang with the cool kids on social. No cliques allowed.

Entrepreneur Stuff

Starting a business is hard. And most people don't understand. We talk about a) why it's tough and b) how to cope.

Practical Branding

Your business needs a clear identity if you hope to prove your value to your target customers.

Industry-Specific Stuff

Sometimes, we talk industry-oriented marketing, like stuff for the travel space, the weddings and events industry, and the world of real estate. (Or whatever we feel like that week.)

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