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Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads.

We have the know-how you need.

Win the Internet With
Adjacent Content Marketing

What are adjacent content marketing strategies? Let's talk about this foolproof strategy for gaining attention online.

If you run an accounting firm, does your all of your content look like this?
-10 Best Accounting Tools
-How to Find the Best Accountant to Meet Your Needs
-Why Your Business Should Offload Its Bookkeeping

While that's a decent start, there's a problem with this sort of content.

People who need an accountant know they're in the market for one. They might skim your posts, but they're not really going to engage with it, because frankly, the reason they're hiring you to handle it for them is because:

-It's boring
-They don't know how to do it
-They don't have time to tackle it themselves

So what makes you think they're going to want to spend their free time reading these articles?

Content directly in line with your service offerings is a great backbone to your digital marketing strategy. It's excellent for SEO, thought leadership, and yes, some people will read it.

But what if you created content that your target client actually wanted to read? Say you're that accounting firm. You know most of your clients are small business owners. What would happen if your next few articles were:

-The Coolest Weekend Getaways for Busy Professionals
-The Best Ways to Motivate Your Team This Summer
-10 Proven Tips for Boosting Your Bottom Line with Outsourcing


It's no surprise that everyone is busy. People want to read interesting things when they actually have time to consume content online. They want to let you handle their services for them. Find a way to tie in what you do, and make it adjacent. That's your sweet spot, and that's the way to win online.

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