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Why YouTube Matters for SEO

Why YouTube Matters for SEO

Why YouTube Matters for SEO

A social media presence with video content is critical for just about every business in existence today. However, YouTube is vital because Google owns it, and it plays a crucial role in Google's SEO (search engine optimization) algorithms. The relationship between the two makes YouTube essential and learning how to leverage your YouTube channel can help you be more successful.

Google and YouTube SEO

Many people don't realize that Google bought YouTube in 2006, and since then, it has grown not only in revenue but also in importance for how Google ranks search results. You must factor in YouTube for successful online marketing strategies. As of late 2021, companies with a substantial YouTube presence receive favorable treatment in Google search results. This weighting makes sense for various reasons, not least of which is the ad revenue Google's parent company receives from YouTube videos.

If you regularly use Google, you may have also noticed that YouTube videos display first for many search topics, especially how-to articles. That means that if you want to better your chances of ranking higher in Google searches, you need to be savvy in utilizing YouTube. In addition, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, making it hugely influential and vital on its own, even apart from Google.

Use YouTube to Establish Thought Leadership

A thought leader is a person who exerts influence by leveraging their expertise in a particular field or on a specific topic. A person or entity must have experience, credentials, or both to become a thought leader. Undoubtedly, you have individuals who meet these criteria within your organization. What's more, your business itself has collective clout in your field. YouTube video content is the absolute best way to get this into the world and access people seeking the information you possess.

Video content may also drive traffic, and therefore customers, to your company's webpage. Finally, it helps establish trust between your company and potential customers. By putting your and your employee's valuable expertise on display, you demonstrate your proficiency and professionalism and become a leader in your field.

Get a Better Hold on Your Target Market

By improving your Google and YouTube SEO, your business has a more substantial chance of capturing people seeking the services or products that your company provides. That's a hugely important key to success in this day and age.

As another benefit, YouTube makes it easy for users to interact with you. You must carefully monitor your YouTube page and respond promptly to anyone interacting with you or your content. There's a comments section, and users can easily navigate to your channel's homepage to learn more.

Tips for YouTube SEO

You can't simply post videos of anything and expect them to generate traffic or better SEO on Google. You must tailor your video content to align with your online marketing strategies. However, while tailoring your content, you should ensure that you create smart content that sticks to what you know and avoids fluff. This content should have a strong title, written description, and tags that utilize keywords. Don't forget to select a video category, too. If you're struggling with content keywords, Google Keyword Planner can help you frame that content.

With regards to the actual content, you'll want to transcribe and caption all content and ensure your thumbnail reflects the content of your video. Videos should be more than 5 minutes long, too, as longer videos rank more highly in the results.

In addition to these strategies, make sure to transcribe and caption your content. Asking your viewers to "like and subscribe" may seem cliche, but the phrase drives engagement and encourages interaction. Speaking of interaction, make sure to promote your channel and embed your videos on your website.

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