What is Content Marketing?

What Is Content Marketing?

If you manage a business or website, you might be wondering, what is content marketing? This seemingly abstract concept is one that does bear explaining. The irony here, of course, is that content marketing is intuitively understood by everyone who experiences it.

Content Marketing Examples in Daily Life

Think about the recipes you might find on the backs of pasta boxes, soup cans, or bags of frozen vegetables. They may call for a particular brand of mushroom soup to make broccoli casserole, or a certain type of flour in their Red Velvet Cake recipe. Of course, you’re not obliged to buy that brand of soup or flour. If, however, you get to know and love the brand behind the recipes, you’re likely to buy the brand they suggest. That, in essence, is successful content marketing.

Old Spice and Content Marketing

Part of what makes you feel positively disposed towards a brand is the way it goes about creating content and the brand voice it demonstrates. Love it or hate it as a product, Old Spice is a now-classic example of a brand that embraced content marketing to attract new audiences.

Isaiah Mustafa’s Old Spice YouTube-posted videos tackled the brand’s biggest weakness head on: it’s uncool because it’s your dad’s aftershave. The campaign not only targeted a new generation of viewers, it successfully reached them—one estimate is that the towel-clad content reached at least 35 million people and doubled product sales.

Dove and Content Marketing

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty went a step further, by actively engaging with real women: young, old, and in between, to start a conversation about how women are represented and portrayed by media, and thus perceived by themselves and others. By partnering with organizations designed to empower young women, like Boys and Girls Clubs, the Girl Scouts, and Girls Inc., Dove created an ongoing series of widely publicized marketing campaigns, none of which ever overtly emphasized the message to “buy our soap or body wash.”