What is a Content Marketing Strategy and Why do I Need one?

What is a Content Marketing Strategy and Why do I Need one?
Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to understand what a content marketing strategy really is, it helps to start with the basics first: the definition of marketing. You probably know what the definition of marketing is, but some clarification will get things going in the right direction! At its core, marketing activities promote and sell products and services. While companies today still use older methods like billboards and newspaper ads to market their products and services, digital content is king and a content marketing strategy is how you can become a member of this royal family!

According to CopyPress, content marketing did not come into being until the digital age. The term was introduced in 1996 at an American Society for Newspaper Editors meeting. For any chance of success these days (22 years later, actually), companies need to employ strategic content marketing in order to meet their goals: The importance of a content marketing strategy cannot be understated.

Content Marketing Strategy vs. Content Strategy

The existence of the internet provided the opportunity to create many new channels for content marketing – as marketers began using emails, websites and apps, content became the main priority for marketers with internet connections. Before long, many companies realized the importance of using strategies to make their content stand out from their competitors.

Copyblogger points out that content strategy and content marketing strategy and are not the same things, though, even though they might sound similar! While a content strategy focuses on the research, planning, creation and maintenance portion of content creation, a content marketing strategy is an overall plan that uses the content created to build up an audience. The latter publishes and supports the content – hopefully on a consistent basis! The goal is to educate, entertain and/or inspire potential customers to become fans while also turning fans into customers.

Even the smallest companies can benefit from a solid, well-documented content marketing strategy. Of course, it helps you achieve your marketing goals, but it will also help you grow your company and help you feel more confident as you benefit from the results. And, just as importantly, a good content marketing strategy also makes it easier to attract qualified stakeholders.

I Need a Strategy!

Luckily, you need not be overwhelmed or afraid of designing a content marketing strategy. Start on the small side first – you can always build it up as your business grows! According to the Content Marketing Institute, a content marketing strategy can be compared to an outline of your company’s essential business and customer needs and a plan you’ve designed to address them. Of course, no two strategies are alike, but they cover some of the basic building blocks.