How to Set up an SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

creating an SEO strategy
Set up your Strategy

Your website could have the best content on the entire Internet, but if you are not properly using SEO, the site will not get traffic. SEO best practice needs to be considered in all stages of your content marketing strategy to enable you to achieve your marketing goals. Creating content marketing and SEO strategies are not only important; they are critical for your company’s success. Here is how you can get started.

Creating an SEO Strategy

Search Engine Journal recommends that companies should start out by defining a topic area. Identify your brand’s purpose as well as its expertise; how can your audience benefit from what you have to offer? This topic area is the starting point for your audience and keyword research, plus SEO content creation. For example, if you are a plumbing company and want to expand your client base, determine why your company stands out from your competitors.

Defining your target audience is also essential for creating an SEO strategy. Research your current customers and see what they have in common. You can also look at what your competitors are up to, including their customer reviews and social media posts. Consider what features your product or service offers, and target your content to the type of people who would want it. From here, you can create an audience “persona,” which would be your ideal customer.

Now you are ready to create keywords. Start off with something broad, like “plumbing companies.” Then you can narrow it down by including keywords that refer to best-selling products and features, variations of those, and questions that prospects might enter into the Google search bar. Here is one example for the search bar: “Can a plumber fix a broken water line?”

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Your target keywords list can now be optimized in your website. Place them throughout the webpage, starting in the meta description in the beginning and in the H1 and H2 headlines. The content should be well researched, relevant, and of high-value to your audience. Moz explains that successful content has value for its readers, and that it also creates emotional connections with them.

To make the content more visible, put it on your homepage and on the top of the other website pages. You can also highlight it on sidebars. And of course, outreach emails, social media, and networking can help encourage people to visit the site.

Content Marketing Calendars

A content marketing calendar is also necessary for creating an effective SEO strategy, and LYFE Marketing explains why. Instead of flying by the seat of your pants, it is better to have an organized plan that will help you stay