How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Looking to build a social media marketing strategy? Feeling overwhelmed by the countless platforms available today? You're not alone.

The social media starfish, an image devised by Robert Scoble and Darren Barefoot back in 2007, resembles a many-headed hydra a decade or so later.

While the dozen generic arms of the starfish hold up well, the social media networks missing are as significant as the ones that have lasted. Hello, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, TikTok, and Ello, among others, have come onto the scene and made a tremendous impact on the world of social media and content marketing.

Importance of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The explosion of social media use in the last two decades means developing a social media marketing strategy is more important to your business goals than ever. Failing to build a social media strategy as part of your marketing plan is a common mistake businesses make.

You may even realize you're omitting a social strategy, but might feel that you don't have the money or the available institutional knowledge to take on the task.

The most important thing when it comes to social media is to know that you need it. Fortunately, it's free to use. Even if you aren't sure how to use social media, a good marketing manager can guide you through the process.

You may have a dedicated social media manager on staff, or you may be thinking about outsourcing that role. Either way, there's one essential task to undertake before starting your strategizing. Snag placeholder accounts on all possible social media platforms to ensure someone else doesn’t try to spoof you online.

The Complexity of Social Media Platforms

Perhaps the Rubik's Cube image is a better one to illustrate social media for beginners. After all, it captures the complexity of social media marketing strategy development in 2020. Choosing which platforms to focus on and determing which pieces of content should be shared where is no easy undertaking.