Google Analytics to help you with SEO

Google Analytics to help you with SEO
Google Analytics to help you with SEO

SEO optimization is often at the forefront of a marketer’s mind. That’s why many turn towards Google Analytics to help with their SEO needs. After all, SEO optimization hinges on whether you can measure your progress and how you interpret it.

What is Google Analytics?

How can you reach your target audience? How can you grow that audience? And how has your performance been affected because of your efforts? With Google Analytics, you have access to tools that can help you answer these questions and expose any areas you might be able to improve.

Google Analytics is an analytics service that presents your site or app’s performance data, as well as customer or user traffic insights. According to Google, Google Analytics retrieves data from users as they visit through a block of JavaScript code that’s included on your site. The JavaScript code then activates a tracking operation that gathers data from the user’s HTTP request, browser and system information and first-party cookies. The data is then sent to the Analytics server, where you can access and view it.

Google Analytics: Track Demographics

Insight into your demographic is vital to the success of your SEO efforts. After all, it would be challenging to reach your demographic without understanding them first! Or, as is sometimes the case, perhaps the demographic you are reaching is not the demographic you wish to target at all. Either way, demographic insights will help you understand who visits and engages with your site the most. To access demographic and interest data on Google Analytics, you will first need to enable the advertising reporting features and demographics and interests reports for the property.

Google Analytics provides information on your audience’s age range and gender. It also reveals affinity categories or lifestyles, such as sports fans, and in-market segments like product-purchase interests. With this information, you can refine your approach and target the most prominent demographic while gaining insight into the efficacy of your current efforts at the same time.

Google Analytics: Organic Traffic

The Search Console provides you with valuable, organic-search traffic data. Console reports include metrics such as impressions and clicks, bounce rate, pages and sessions, ecommerce conversion rates and transactions. It also reveals your SEO ranking by including data on how often your site URL appears in search results.

This information helps your SEO efforts by providing insight into the search queries used to find your page, as well as your page’s relevancy. With the Search Console, optimizing your site to receive high-quality traffic becomes much easier.

In order to collect this data, add your site to the Search Console, then configure SEO reporting in Analytics. Once this has been configured, you can access the data by opening reports in Google Analytics, then select Search Console under Acquisition.

Google Analytics: Track Backlinks