A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager

If you’re interested in the daily schedule of a social media manager, think multi-tasking. When realizing how much these seasoned professionals accomplish in one day, your head will spin! Their driving force is to boost client sales; By getting into the thick of this, social media managers allow their clients to focus on other essential tasks.

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

This is not an easy question to answer; A social media manager’s role is constantly evolving. Digital tech changes at lightning speed, so this week’s preferred platform could be replaced with the latest and greatest the following week. The Next Web explains what a typical social media manager’s daily tasks might be by utilizing a useful infographic.

A social media manager’s day may start with checking emails and social media. They may also reply, retweeting, publishing blogs and posting to social media. As their day progresses, their work can include meeting with the internal team, curating and creating content and revisiting all of the company’s profiles, emails and social media sites. Their priority is to handle all of this detailed work so that their client will not have to. Should things manage to slow down later in the day, they may utilize this time to schedule social media messages for the evening and next day, sign up for any events (webinars, chats, etc.) and review the day’s stats.

About those stats: Social media managers spend significant time analyzing measurement numbers in order to see how effective their methods are – strategies often need to be revised to improve the results. They also have to study customer comments and inquires and respond to them quickly; Industry trends should be leveraged for new opportunities to improve functionality and build the business. Savvy social media managers also make time in their schedules to stay in contact with their teams throughout the day and allow some extra time for unexpected tasks. A social media manager’s daily schedule is certainly packed with activity!

How to Succeed in Social Media Management

It goes without saying that a successful social media manager needs excellent communication skills, but what does that really mean? According to Sprout Social, it is both internal and external. Internally, this includes stakeholders, bosses, collaborators and peers. A social media manager must be able to explain how their work drives company sales, as well as their strategies and content. Everyone impacted by their social media plans should be kept in the loop and informed of progress and landmarks along the way, including training, scheduling and metrics.

Social media managers also serve as their companies’ brand voices through written content, GIFs, videos, pictures and other media. This is where strong writing skills, SEO knowledge and creativity are essential – all this has to be informative, clear and engaging. Social media managers must also be able to stay on top of trends and be ready to hop on at a minute’s notice; Time is of the essence when it comes to social media posts.

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