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Can You Create Multiple Twitter Accounts with the Same Email

People have more than one Twitter account because they prefer to keep personal and business ones separate; others like using multiple ones for their various brands and other reasons too, as detailed further below. So can you create multiple Twitter accounts with the same email? Yes, and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Multiple Twitter Accounts Same Email

To sign up for a new account, go to Twitter’s sign up page. Click on to use Google, Apple, your phone number or email address. Then you’ll see a “create your account” pop up box, and you will then be prompted to enter your personal information. Twitter will either send you an email or text to verify this, and the code then has to get entered. There’s another pop up box where you can check if you want to track where your Twitter content is seen across the web and customize your settings.

To create a new Twitter account with the same email, log in and click on the navigation menu. Click the “more” icon, and you’ll see where it reads “add new account” or “add an existing account.” Follow the prompts to add a second one; you can have a total of five. When you’re finished adding them, you can access each one by clicking each one’s profile account.

Why Have Multiple Twitter Accounts?

If you’re still wondering why it might be smart to have multiple Twitter accounts, Inspiration Feed explains how business owners leverage this platform to meet different business objectives. They use Elon Musk as an example; he has separate accounts for Tesla and SpaceX because the companies have different user bases and serve different interests. It makes sense to keep them separate in order to be able to provide updates that are unique to each. Musk also has a personal Twitter account.

It can also make sense to have multiple Twitter accounts for different company departments. A good-sized company with busy customer service and marketing divisions might want to keep these Tweets compartmentalized. In fact, Microsoft does this by having a dedicated Xbox Support feed and another for Xbox-related tweets. Another reason for separate accounts is when companies have different regions of operations; information pertaining to one might be meaningless for another.

How to Write Better Tweets

The original character count for tweets was 140, but it was doubled to 280 back in 2017. But according to PR News Online, the optimum length for a tweet is from 70 to 110; their data shows that this number gets the most retweets. They also claim that tweets that have hashtags get two times more engagement than those without them; it’s recommend to add just one or two because overusing them reduces engagement.

Tweets should have short words and sentences to make them easier to read, but be aware of your audience because you don’t want to “dumb down” the tweets too much. Users are attracted to headline-style newsy tweets with a clear subject, verb and object; these are the ones most likely to end up going viral. Don’t change your subject, and keep the punctuation in there.

And speaking of viral, Pathofex lists the five most retweeted tweets of all time, as follows:

Tweet Who Wrote it Number of Retweets

Giveaway 100 million yen Yusaku Maezawa 4.18 million

Giveaway 1 million yen Yusaku Maezawa 3.59 million

A man needs his nuggs Carter Wilkerson 3.28 million

The last goodbye Family of Chadwick Boseman 3.01 million

The picture at the Oscars EllenDeGeneres@TheEllenShow 3.01 million

The first three were giveaways, so it’s not surprising that they were retweeted so many times. The last goodbye was dedicated to actor Chadwick Boseman, who passed away in 2020. Ellen DeGeneres’ famous tweet was a once-in-a-lifetime photo of her pictured with famous celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep.

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