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9 Clever Content Marketing Examples

9 Clever Content Marketing Examples
Content Marketing

As a constant stream of ads surrounds us, companies have looked to content marketing to attract an audience and build brand loyalty. Taking on many forms such as blog posts, social media and video, content marketing utilizes strategic methods to gain an audience’s attention.

Below are 9 of the best content marketing strategies employed by companies across platforms.

Blog Content Marketing Examples

Through blog posts, companies can grab the audience’s attention and become a valuable and entertaining source of information. They not only continue engagement but also help bring in new potential conversions through SEO optimization.

The blog posts featured here all utilize clever content marketing strategies to build and maintain an audience.


Buffer is a clear example of the power of guest posts. Trying to find their footing, Buffer wrote 150 guest posts in 9 months and went from 0 to 100,000 users.

Through guest blogging, Buffer was able to gain the traction their site needed and were able to hit the ground running once they started to receive recognition.

Turner Classic Movies

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is for movie lovers, made by movie lovers. They stand out from other television channels by including commentary at the beginning and end of each featured movie, something fans of the channel appreciate.

Understanding that their audience chooses them because of their emphasis on film curation, their website features interviews and film history and criticism articles. Spotlighting the channel’s featured movies, they can create buzz surrounding their programming.

They also have a newsletter, podcast and wine club fans can enjoy.

Home Depot

Home Depot features blog posts on various topics, from how-to guides to craft ideas. A trusted brand in home improvement, their wide variety of blog posts include a difficulty level and completion time.

Most importantly, every blog post features links to tools and materials available at Home Depot stores and online. This makes it easy for consumers to find out what they need and generates sales for Home Depot.

Social Media Content Marketing Examples

With social media inundated by brand accounts, it is hard for many to stand out from the crowd. Below are brands that have been able to do just that by engaging with their followers and building a unique voice on social media.


Glossier is a makeup company that understands social media. Their Instagram page is vibrant while operating under a specific color scheme, making it aesthetically pleasing to scroll through.

They also take advantage of an effective content marketing strategy: user-generated content. Glossier curates a Top 5 Instagram story featuring five posts Glossier was tagged in every week.

Glossier actively engages with the people who use their products by responding to posts and featuring users of their products, turning them into relatable brand ambassadors.


Known for their sour gummy worms and other gummy critters, Trolli has a unique aesthetic, which is why teaming up with artists Becky and Joe was an ingenious idea for their Instagram account.

Known for their viral Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared series and other projects, Becky Sloan and Joe Pelling are stop-motion artists with a unique, creepy-cute aesthetic, which was what Trolli was looking for.

Trolli has built a unique Instagram feed of colorful, strange gummy worm stop-motion by collaborating with artists, making them stand out from the crowd.


Nuggs, a Simulate product, is a plant-based, meatless chicken nugget. Taking the idea of “simulation meat” and running wild, Nuggs has created a brand that looks like a computer simulation, making them stand out from other plant-based brands.

Their Instagram is no different.

By utilizing meme culture – and more importantly, understanding it – Nuggs strategically speaks to their audience uniquely and memorably, making them stand out from their competitors.

Video Content Marketing Examples

When creating video for content marketing purposes, not every company has access to the necessary equipment and funding.

Below are companies that produced video content despite their limitations and still stimulated interest in their products.


GoPro manufactures small cameras best utilized in adventure sports. With a large community of dedicated adventure athletes – from snowboarding and surfing to skydiving – many users create visually stunning and shareable anxiety-inducing videos filmed on their GoPro.

GoPro takes advantage of this by utilizing user-generated content. Their Youtube page – with over 10 million subscribers – features videos shot by adventure sports athletes and acquired through GoPro Awards and challenges.

So much of this content exists – and continues to be created – that GoPro does not need to produce much video content themselves.

Flower Beauty

Cofounded in 2012 by actress and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore, Flower Beauty emphasizes quality by pouring its marketing budget into product formulations.

With limited funds for marketing, Drew Barrymore joined popular Youtube beauty gurus in 2018, including Nikkie Tutorials, to promote Flower Beauty products entering Ulta Beauty stores and online. (Her collaboration with Nikkie Tutorials has garnered 6.2 million views to date.)

Flower Beauty did not have to make their videos or establish and grow a viewership to promote their products. Instead, they strategically collaborated with influencers with avid and loyal fanbases, connecting with a viewership they did not have access to.

NPR Tiny Desk Concert

National Public Radio (NPR) ’s Tiny Desk Concert series is the perfect example of optimizing your limitations. Started by Bob Boilen and Stephen Thompson, musicians put on a short concert behind a tiny desk in the NPR office.

This concert series does not rely on expensive sound stages but instead creates an intimate, stripped-down session between musicians and a small crowd.

Featuring musicians across all genres, every Tiny Desk video introduces a demographic to NPR which otherwise might not have been interested or aware.

The Takeaway

All of the content marketing strategy examples featured here recognized and utilized what makes them unique, optimized their limitations, took advantage of user-generated content, and collaborated with others.

By actively engaging with your audience and embracing what makes your brand unique, you can turn the engagement into conversions.

Content marketing can be challenging. A dedicated team of experts can help. ContactWordsmyth Creative Content Marketing today for help with your content marketing needs

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