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Why a Google Business Profile Matters to Wedding Photographers

If you are a wedding photographer who is not taking advantage of a Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business), you are missing out on a significant marketing opportunity. Not only is it a free business listing service, but it is also easy to use and provides consumers with more details to help sell your services.

Photographers work locally for the most part, and when potential customers are on the hunt for the perfect one, they often enter search terms like “wedding photographer in Phoenix” or “budget wedding photography near me.” Don’t you want your company to appear at the top of the search result pages?

What is a Google Business Profile?

Every company wants to be found through Google searches; Hootsuite explains that it is the most-visited website on the planet and holds more than 92% of the world’s search engine market share.

A Google Business Profile is the only way potential customers can find your photography business through Google Search and Maps. It is a free business listing that uses your company’s name, location, products, and services. Once you create an account, your business can appear in Google Search, Maps, and Google Shopping as long as you enter a physical address for your location.

According to Forbes, a Google Business Profile is usually the first thing potential customers see when searching for wedding photographers. A completed listing can quickly improve your local SEO ranking, and it doesn’t even cost anything. People will see the name of your business, address, contact information, and hours.

You can also add your photos, and customers can share their ratings and reviews. Other features include direct messaging optionality and the ability to edit the listing whenever you like.

SEO for Wedding Photographers

Now for the bad news: you are probably not the only wedding photographer in your area, so you might find that your search engine ranking is not as high as you’d hoped. This ranking is how you can best utilize search engine optimization; doing the research and using the right tactics will boost your rankings.

To get on the right track, PhotoBug Community recommends optimizing your images; as you upload them, add descriptive alt text specific to each one. Also, avoid duplicating content, keeping yours fresh and original.

Your articles and blogs do not have to be that long, but you will want to provide the essential information customers want, details about your background and experience, and the packages you offer. Do share stories about past events you’ve photographed and customer testimonials extolling the quality of your work. You also want to make your content sharable by adding those social sharing buttons to your blog posts.

A Few Final SEO Tips

Ranking for the right keywords is crucial, and knowing the best SEO keywords for wedding photography is vital for success. Sara Dunn SEO shares her suggestions, including “wedding photographer in (city/state),” “wedding photography packages,” and “affordable wedding photographers.” Once you have your list of potential keywords, narrow it down to the most important one. You’ll want to include your location.

Use your main keyword on your homepage and incorporate best SEO practices throughout and on your social media. These best practices involve using keywords in titles, URLs, headings, and backlinking. Majestic is a good tool for backlinks and can make the process much easier.

Ensure that users can easily navigate your site on their handhelds and be sure to be active on the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, which are where brides and grooms look for inspiration! If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, what are you waiting for?

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