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What Does a Social Media Manager Do Daily?

What Does a Social Media Manager Do Daily?

The daily duties of a social media manager don’t just include posting fun status updates and Tweets. A lot more goes into this job, and much of it is tedious and less-than-glamorous. Whether you’re interested in this topic because you’re considering a career as a social media manager or because your business is interested in onboarding someone to manage your social media, learning the duties of a social media manager can help you understand what makes one successful.

Research, Monitor, and Utilize Trends in Real-Time

A social media manager’s job is to stay ahead of changing trends to ensure their company is well-positioned in the conversations. Trends change quickly, but being on top of them is essential to posting relevant content. You have to be part of the discussions garnering attention to get noticed. Many use tools like Cloohawk to achieve this part of their tasks.

Of course, creating new content is a significant part of the job. It’s both a science and an art. Everything from blog posts to status updates and Tweets to YouTube video content falls under the purview of a social media manager. However, it isn’t just about creating good content. A social media manager must know when their target audience pays attention to their feeds. They also must ensure that they aren’t posting too frequently or not enough.

Interact with Followers and Your Audience

It’s the social media manager’s responsibility not only to post but to monitor those posts and engage with the audience. This process often goes beyond simply replying to people who leave comments or feedback.

They also must monitor any discussions happening on the company’s account pages across platforms. For many companies, the opportunity for controversy is slim, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. The social media manager moderates and monitors to ensure that everything on the company’s accounts aligns with its goals and mission.

Seek Out New Followers

Part of the point of maintaining a strong and relevant social media presence is to engage current followers and keep them interested in what your business is doing. Another goal, though, must be to seek out new followers and convert both into clients or customers.

How you go about seeking new followers depends on the nature of your business and should incorporate efforts and ideas from the entire marketing team. However, finding these people is the task of the social media manager.

Monitor and Manage Your Brand

This task of the social media manager includes interacting with your audience, but it goes beyond your pages. The social media manager should be on top of any discussion about your business or brand anywhere online: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, review sites like Yelp, and other platforms. In a controversy, the social media manager works with the marketing team to remedy any issues and repair the brand’s image. Social media plays a vital role in this.

Social media isn’t just about creating content; on specific platforms, it’s just as essential to curate relevant posts, articles, news, and other items from around the internet. This is part of staying on top of trends. Your audience should look to you for the latest information about your field.

Analyze Results With Your Goals in Mind

Doing something is pointless unless you know you’re doing it well. That’s why the social media manager needs to continually analyze the results of their work. That way, they can better understand what they’re doing well, what needs improvement, and how they can better reach their audience and potential clients. The social media manager works closely with the rest of the marketing team to accomplish company-wide goals. They also uphold the business’s values and mission and reflect these across all platforms.

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