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The Best Travel SEO Services for Your Tourism Brand

The Best Travel SEO Services for Your Tourism Brand

The days of people walking into travel agencies to book vacations are all but gone; Stratosjets explains that more than 90 percent of travelers research their trips online, and 82 percent book them here as well. Most use desktop computers, and 23 percent use mobile devices. Wordsmyth Creative Content Marketing offers the best travel SEO services to maximize your exposure to potential clients. This target audience is exposed to unlimited options online, and we can help you direct your brand to the front of the search engine results pages (SERP), which will, in turn, ensure that you route more traffic to your site.

SEO for Travel Websites

A travel site's keyword research needs to focus on relevant words and terms, plus hyper-local marketing for places like hotels and fishing charter companies that sell services at specific locations. If your business has a location but doesn't have a customized and optimized Google My Business page, we can help you get started with this as you develop your keyword strategy.

Tourism Tiger emphasizes the importance of a solid keyword strategy, and you can build one from the ground up or refresh an old one. You shouldn't target your focus to only general keywords with serious competition for ranking. Instead, we can help you brainstorm, choose and analyze creative ones to improve your online visibility: long tail, transactional, and informational keywords are what you need.

Like most consumers, travelers search with four kinds of intent, listed by Moz: informational, preferential/commercial investigation, transactional and navigational. Informational is where most start, to get basic details like the best time to travel to Costa Rica. In the next phase, they investigate airfare hotels and points of interest and narrow their choices. Transactional is the buying mode, and navigational is when they look through specific websites with a purpose in mind. You can design your keywords for one or a combination of user intents, which is critical for travel SEO.

The Travel SEO Playbook

Potential travelers who are researching trips usually stay engaged with content while researching. The main reasons for this are the desire to create unique, memorable events, and the high cost of travel. They spend time reading room descriptions, user reviews and looking at high-quality images and videos. This audience has undoubtedly evolved, and you can rest assured that they know when they see quality content. Travel websites that are not engaging, trustworthy, and authoritative will not rank high on SERPs; even if they manage to sneak in, users will lose interest in the blink of an eye.

User-friendly travel SEO for travel websites starts with the right keywords and leverages in-depth content with the information users seek. Since they want to build memorable experiences, the written and visual content should be personalized and designed to evoke emotional responses. A virtual, 360-degree tour of the property is also essential and should prominently showcase your top amenities, especially the ones you are best known for. Compare an imagined picture of an empty outdoor swimming pool to the same one filled with happy people swimming and enjoying drinks on the patio. Where would you rather be?

Interactive Tourism SEO

Travel and tourism have always been shared experiences: people used to invite friends and family to watch home movies of their trips. Now, we have social media and user reviews for sharing, and optimizing both avenues is vital for this industry. Encourage your guests to participate by creating the perfect spot for Instagram photos: you can post the best ones on your page and website.

Instagram is also an excellent place to share updates, spectacular sunset photos, and special offers. User reviews are also exceptionally important for travel brands. Sharing reviews shows that you care, and they provide invaluable feedback for improving your offerings and services. If your mobile site isn't equipped to handle Instagram and the other social media apps, your competitors are well ahead of you.

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