Using Social Media Tools to Help Leverage Your Business

Social media tools to help leverage your business
Social Media Tools

These days, companies are prevalent on social media, and not just through advertising. Large corporations, fast food chains, and clothing brands all have their own accounts, usually on a number of different sites.

But how many different social media outlets does your business need, and what’s the best way to use them? With so many choices out there, you can exhaust yourself spending far too much time keeping up with posts for too little return. It’s important to focus your energy appropriately to make sure you’re leveraging all of your accounts in the best way possible.

Choosing Your Sites

Despite seeing places like Walmart and Burger King everywhere on social media, your business doesn’t actually need to have an account everywhere. You should pick sites based on what your product is and where your strengths lie. In addition, you’ll need to determine where your target customer spends their time to maximize your return.

Each site has its own focus in the social media world, so consider this when picking:

Twitter is focused on short, catchy statements that can be expressed in a limited number of characters. Posts use hashtags that define the topics of the tweet to allow others to find and read it.

Instagram is an image-based platform (which also allows short videos), focusing on artwork and photography, and it also uses hashtagged keywords to spread posts.

Facebook uses a combination of text and images, and while hashtags can be used, most posts are shared with other users by its complex algorithms that look at users’ information and interests.

Pinterest is somewhat unique, as it allows users to collect a series of images (some of which are links to additional material, but the images are central to the app) in different folders that relate to different topics.

YouTube focuses on videos, which can be expressed in a channel belonging to your business.

LinkedIn is a site targeted at working professionals, focusing on networking between current, former, and prospective employees.

● In addition, a number of chat-based programs like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger are also being used more and more frequently by companies looking to personalize customer service.

Evaluate these platforms and see how they align with your business and its product. For example, if your business sells cupcakes that photograph well, you may want to focus on image-based sites like Instagram, Pinterest, or even YouTube first. If your output is in writing, Twitter, a blog, or even LinkedIn might be the best places to start. As your online image grows and evolves, you’ll probably end up spreading to new platforms, but this allows you to focus somewhere initially for best effect.

Choosing Your Tools