How to Make the Most of Social Media for Your Brand

Social Media Branding
Social Media Branding

Social media branding is a critical element in generating brand leads and conversions. While once thought of as merely a vehicle to increase awareness, social media has proved to be a valuable tool in developing a loyal audience that will actively engage with your brand. When looking to optimize social media, you will need first to finalize your social media brand and establish a social media strategy.

Determine Social Media Branding

When developing social media branding, consistency is vital. The brand’s tone and voice should align with the brand’s visual style; deviation could create a confusing, unreliable landscape for the target audience. To ensure your social media branding is consistent with your brand, refer to the style guide. The guide should include visual style rules, such as logo size and placement, color palettes, acceptable fonts, and how to implement these elements.

Voice and tone are essential to social media branding. Once you have established your target audience, Social Media Explorer suggests creating a brand persona that would speak to them. Should your voice be friendly and playful or professional and authoritative? With a voice in mind, determine the underlying tone of your social media branding. Are you irreverent or direct? Choose a tone that your audience will appreciate, keeping in line with your brand voice.

Social Media Marketing Funnel

With a brand established, consider how to implement it with the marketing funnel. JC Social Media describes the marketing funnel as a visualization tool used to detail the marketing stages: brand awareness, engagement, and action. When applied to a social media marketing strategy, the social platforms used in each stage should dwindle down to achieve more specific results.

Building brand awareness is the first stage (the wide part) of the marketing funnel. Through the awareness stage, you want to expose your targeted audience to your brand before you can expect engagement on your posts. The engagement stage covers the consumer’s interaction with your social media presence.

Action is the stage where you can evaluate whether you are achieving your goals. Do your social media tactics translate to conversions and leads? If your social media activity is not generating measurable actions, then it is time to reevaluate the content and to which platforms are you are posting. NewsCred recommends evaluating your target audience and competitors’ social presence to shed some light on where you can adjust your strategy.

Social Media Strategy Goals and KPIs