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How Wedding Venues Can Use Social Media

How Wedding Venues Can Use Social Media

Weddings are unique because the excitement they spread is so contagious, and social media platforms are the fuel that can light these fires and keep them going. They present a crucial opportunity for wedding venue marketing because the sharing of highly visual content communicates the feel of these events. Imagine a betrothed couple researching wedding venues and seeing people enjoying an event at your place. Suddenly, they've overcome a fear of missing out about having just as great of a wedding as they are seeing and hearing online.

How Venues Use Social Media

There's no debating it: the key to a successful social marketing campaign is high-quality photos and videos. Bridal Musings shares their favorite wedding venue websites, and the quality of the photos and videos is remarkable. Before doing that, though, Wedinspire mentions that the first step is to create a business page on Facebook and accounts on Instagram and Twitter. For venues in hotels that already have accounts, set up specific ones for weddings and special events and link it to the parent account. Once you have it up and running, you have to post consistently for the best results.

Audiences are not as likely to like and follow pages that are not updated frequently, so you'll want to create an editorial calendar and stick to it. Share high-quality images and videos from recent events, and you can sweeten things up with details about special offers, new menu choices, tips from wedding planners and heartwarming stories about couples who were married at your venue. The main words to remember here are "fresh," "relatable," and "exciting."

There are tools to help you post on multiple platforms, and you can automate some of the posts as well. Be sure not to overdo it because followers won't want to be bombarded with too much information on their feeds. HootSuite recommends posting on Instagram two to three times a week and no more than once a day. For Facebook, post no more than once a day. Check on your reviews and comments daily, and respond as quickly as you can. A nervous or impatient bride or groom might move on to a competitor if they don't get answers to their inquiries in a timely manner.

Tips for Engaging Audiences

Weven recommends using Pinterest to market wedding venues because millions of people use it to plan weddings, and these audiences are in the event-planning state of mind. Brides use the platform for inspiration, so if you create Boards with photos of your venue, it can grab their interest. Highlight your venue's visual appeal, and like with the other platforms, include captions and links to your website. Another great idea is to follow industry vendor accounts; show them some love, and they may return the favor.

Many wedding venues form strong bonds with the photographers their customers hire and get permission (in writing) to use the pictures and videos on their platforms and websites. This partnership helps these vendors as well, and you'll want to pick the ones that present your venue in the best light. You can also put in teasers about your website's blog. Potential customers may also want to know details about how you handle adversity, such as how your venue saved the day when a thunderstorm made it necessary to move the celebration inside or how the band you hired kept the dance floor going until well past midnight.

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