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How To Go Glamping with Kids

Parents know how critical it is to expose their kids to many different experiences and activities, including camping. But hardcore camping in tents isn’t for everyone, which is why “glamping,” or glamorous camping, is such a great alternative.

Below, read five essential tips for planning and executing the perfect glamping trip. That way, your family can get back to nature while still enjoying all of the modern-day comforts of a home away from home.

Choose Your Destination and Accommodations Carefully

One of the most crucial decisions you have to make is where to go glamping and where to stay at your destination.

Experts recommend choosing somewhere within comfortable driving distance from home. That way, you can load your car with everything you need and get there faster with less hassle.

If you aren’t comfortable being in the middle of nowhere, choose somewhere well-visited and patrolled, such as a state or national park. Read reviews and look for input from others who aren’t experienced campers.

Finally, be realistic about your family’s needs. If you know you need a tub for bathtime and beds for everyone, don’t compromise on those details to " rough it.”

Emphasize Nature and Camping Activities

Even though you’re glamping, you can still give your kids the experience of being in nature. Pack lots of sunscreen and bug spray, and get outside as much as possible. Go hiking on nearby trails. Rent canoes or kayaks and get on the water. You can even bring your bikes and find a trail ride.

Another quintessential camping activity is cooking over an open fire. Bring hot dogs and s’more essentials. Finally, encourage everyone–including mom and dad–to unplug as much as possible.

Invite or Make New Friends

Part of the point of camping is downtime; you’re not supposed to fill every minute with activities. Sometimes, having others around to enjoy that relaxation can enhance it, especially for kids. Consider inviting your besties along or letting older kids bring a friend.

Alternatively, select accommodations with playgrounds or other communal spaces. Kids are great at making friends, and they’ll have much more fun with peers. Some campgrounds have nightly bonfires with family sing-alongs or storytime.

Think About Downtime, Inclement Weather, and Essentials

Along those same lines, you have to do some planning for unstructured time, and it’s wise to plan for a rainy day. Bring games and toys that encourage togetherness as a family, like board games or a deck of cards. Outdoor games are also great, so pack your bocce or horseshoe sets.

No matter what your experience level, nature is always unpredictable. Be sure to pack rain gear, extra clothes, sweatshirts, pants, and spare blankets. Think through the activities you have planned and consider everything your family might want to stay happy and healthy. The chances are good that you’ll be far from stores, so you want to have everything you need, including lots of snacks, a first aid kit, and more.

Explore Other Activities Nearby

Especially if it’s your first time glamping, it’s a good idea to explore alternative activities in the area. Your family might get sick of the campground’s offerings after a few days, or it could rain. That’s why it’s wise to read up on other things in the area. These might include museums, indoor trampoline parks, or even restaurants.

Additionally, there might be more outdoor activities that you don’t want to miss. Adventure climbing courses have become quite popular near camping destinations. So have guided hikes and nature walks, where an expert can point out wildlife and plants. You can enhance your family’s enjoyment while learning at the same time.

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