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Best Places to Travel on a Budget in the United States

Best Places to Travel on a Budget in the United States

When it comes to taking vacays in this country, most people think about visiting places like Disneyland, San Francisco, or the Grand Canyon. Trips to tourist hubs like these can cost serious money, particularly if you are traveling with family; however, there are plenty of cheap places to travel in North America that provide more unique experiences. Not only that, they aren’t as stressful because you won’t be dealing with the large crowds, and you may really enjoy the peace and quiet. Once you customize the plan, you're on your way!

Budget Travel in the United States

If you want to see the great outdoors at a more relaxed pace, US News Travel suggests Olympic National Park in Washington State. Its nearly one million acres encompass rainforests, glacier-capped mountains, tide pools, and wildlife like bald eagles, whales, and black bears. July and August are the best times to visit. Glacier National Park is also breathtaking and is located where the Canadian border meets the northern edge of Montana. Once you pay the small entry fee, you can spend your vacation climbing, swimming, hiking and stargazing.

California’s Sequoia National Park is also home to wildlife (birds, bobcats, bears, and more), and it has massive, majestic sequoia trees and Crystal Cave. Colorado Springs is outside the Great Plains and the Colorado Rockies, so it’s less crowded and costly. Here, you’ll find the amazing Garden of the Gods and a nice little downtown area. Heading back to the east coast, Tennessee’s Gatlinburg is right outside of Great Smoky Mountains National Park; this budget-conscious vacation spot is incredible to see in the autumn when the leaves are changing.

Best Cheap Vacation Spots in the United States

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a great choice when you’ve had enough of the mountains and are searching for a beach getaway vacation. Trivago posts that an average double hotel room is only $149 a night. Other good beach spots include South Padre Island, Texas; the Outer Banks region of North Carolina; Gulf Shores, Alabama; and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Moneycrashers describes some affordable smaller cities that have all the makings of great vacations. One of these is New Orleans, and you can travel here by plane, train, bus, or boat. The French Quarter can be elegant or down and dirty. One of the best times of the year to visit here is Halloween, and the Cajun food, parades, and costumes are unforgettable. Atlanta has a lot of great museums and restaurants and an exciting Midtown area that comes to life at night. Other suggestions on the cheap include Kansas City, San Diego, Flagstaff, and Salt Lake City.

Ways to See the United States on a Budget

With the price of gas through the roof, airline ticket prices have followed suit, making it particularly challenging for many people to afford to travel. Having to fill up a car’s tank isn’t cheap either, but it’s possible to save money on other things to make up for that. Campers don’t have to pay money for hotel rooms, but they pay small fees to stay at campgrounds. If you don’t like sleeping outside, consider renting an RV from Cruise America or Outdoorsy.

Airbnb and VRBO rentals are less expensive in smaller cities, or you can rent one in a suburb that’s a short drive from a larger city’s main attractions. Instead of only eating out, make use of that kitchen; stock up on simple food at a nearby grocery store and do some cooking. Travel with friends and family to save even more money; a $400 a night rental costs half when split between two groups.

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