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Adventure Vacations in Europe

Adventure Vacations in Europe

Do you want to spend most of your time in a London bar or experience thrilling activities that leave you breathless and wanting more? Of course, you can choose to take it easy and relax when you travel overseas. Still, a European adventure vacation makes the most of the scenery and leaves you with a lifetime of incredible memories. The best way to learn more about these kinds of trips is to read accounts from people who have been there and done them; the prices won't be high as you think.

European Adventures to Consider

The Guardian lists ten adventures in Europe, starting with the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland. It is 230 miles long and winds through wild landscapes, white sand beaches and soaring mountains. The explorer in this article began with a boat crossing at Fort William and continued down the country's west coast until arriving at a lighthouse in the northwest UK. Highlights included camping by salmon rivers and staying in "bothies" (small huts and cottages).

Also in Scotland is the Inaccessible Pinnacle, which sounds scarier than it is. It's located by the southern end of Cuillin Ridge, at the top of Sgùrr Dearg. You can hike to the top and check out the spectacular views, but you'll need to use a roped climb and rappel to conquer Sgùrr Alasdair. Camping sites are available at the base of the Cuillins, and there are also the famous "Fairy Pools" to soothe those sore muscles.

More Fun Adventures in Europe

Switching to a water navigation theme, Responsible Travel recommends a kayaking vacation in Croatia. There are deserted and inhabited island archipelagos to explore, and the best time to do this is from May through October. You can go on a seven-day adventure here for less than $1,000 (excluding airfare). If you've always wanted to experience Greece, the diving and sailing are incomparable; you can go from April through October for a liveaboard diving and sailing vacation, which should run you around $1,000 without airfare.

Experienced horseback riders might like a horse-themed vacation in Spain; this Catalan horse riding vacation lasts eight days and is also reasonably priced. The itineraries can accommodate all riding levels and explore the beautiful countryside. You can also add a stay at an area hotel to take advantage of the saunas, massages and relaxing swimming pools.

If you prefer winter sports, Finland is a great place to enjoy them. This trip costs more since it includes airfare and accommodations. However, it also features an overnight husky safari and snowmobiles. There's even free time planned for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing!

European Cycling Adventures

Sweden's Kattegattleden is a stunning coastal cycling path that stops in cities like Halmstead and Vargerg; you can stay at Airbnbs along the way. You can rent bikes in Helsingborg; take the train from Copenhagen to get there. From start to finish, this trip can take from six to eight days, and you don't need a lot of cycling experience to do it. If you plan to vacation with the family, you might want to try the 13 km canoe descent near Montpellier, France. It takes four hours and features fantastic waterfalls, wooded pathways and calm lakes for picnicking.

The Netherlands is also great for bicycling, and the terrains can be easy enough for families. One traveler used the maps from the Het Fietserpad book and stayed at reasonably-priced hotels during their treks. It doesn't cost much to rent good touring bikes here, and the scenery is varied and exciting. European Destinations lists some of the best cycling destinations in Europe for experienced riders, which includes Tenerife in Spain, Provence in France, the Dolomites in Italy, Andalucía in Spain and the Algarve in Portugal.

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