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6 Most Innovative Amenities for Hotel Owners to Offer Guests

Everyone knows that hotel guests appreciate a free breakfast and a swimming pool, and while these are both essential amenities for many hotel guests they are pretty much standard offerings. If a potential guest is researching hotels and sees that all the choices have those, what can make one hotel stand out from the others? Something new and different that is unique to one property and not the others, of course! Amenities can come at all different price points, but you don’t have to invest a small fortune to let your guests know that they are special and highly valued.

Mobile Check-in

This has become a necessity more than an amenity for travelers, since it makes things so much easier. Hotel Tech Report recommends using the Hoteltime platform, which offers paperless check-ins, no printouts and no registration cards. They can be used with check-in kiosk providers, and guests can leave comments through online comment cards; checkout is done through email. This doesn’t mean that personalized customer service isn’t necessary; you’ll still need staff at the front desk and to respond immediately when guests need them.

Thoughtful Take-Home Gifts

Travel + Leisure lists a few inexpensive and creative gifts that will put a smile on your guests’ faces without breaking your bank. In Miami’s Betsy-South Beach boutique hotel, each guest receives a nightly bookmark that’s made from recycled paper and wildflower seeds. And those who visit Twin Farms in Barnard, Vermont, get a pretty wooden puzzle set that they can take home to enjoy. Other suggestions for take-home gifts include gourmet coffees, a bottle of wine or a windchime. The goal is choose something locally made that reflects the region’s personality; include a thoughtful note thanking the guests for staying with you.

Cocktails in the Room

Guests appreciate having coffee stations, but what about an awesome cocktail station? They can provide their own alcohol, and you can set up a signature drink spot that includes a popular local drink recipe, the proper glasses for it and the mixers. If you don’t sell the alcohol on site, make sure that you know where the guests can get it. And while you’re at it, throw in a tasty local snack to complement the drink.

Make the Room More Relaxing

Hotel rooms should be mini-sanctuaries that offer guests soothing, quiet places to relax. Investing in air purifiers and other soothing devices will really be appreciated, and some can be inexpensive enough for them to take home. Suggestions include eye pillows, scent diffusers, massage balls and herbal teas. You can put them all in a basket, with a discount voucher for your on-site or a local spa.

Kids are Important, Too

Happy kids means happy parents, so remember so have amenities for younger guests staying in your rooms. Have superhero sheets for the beds, free kids’ movies and special snacks that they might like. Also follow through with special offers if you have restaurants and other on-site amenities; half-off kids’ meals, free children’s yoga classes and free ice cream with dinner will all be appreciated and remembered.

Create Unforgettable Experiences

Play up on your hotel’s location to create guest experiences that they will treasure for years to come. New York’s Chatwal hotel is right by the NY Theater District, and offers its guests the Broadway Experience package. This includes an in-room dress-up trunk for kids, and it’s filled with fun things from famous theater shows like Aladdin and Frozen; they can dress up like the beloved characters. This hotel also hosts a Broadway-themed mid-day tea with delicious pastries.

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