What Social Media Management Tools Should You Use for a Successful Campaign

What Social Media Management Tools Should You Use for a Successful Campaign
Social Media Management Tools

As your social media strategy grows, the work it takes to manage everything online grows as well. You may have started with only one or two social media platforms, but as those initial accounts establish themselves, there are always new places you can reach out and explore. Eventually, checking and updating multiple accounts regularly becomes so inefficient you may want to throw the entire strategy out the window — but don’t go deleting your online presence so quickly! There are many tools that can help you manage your social media strategy without making you want to lose your mind.

Why Use Social Media Management Tools?

These helpful suites may look like more trouble than they’re worth at first — if you’ve already learned the different interfaces and tricks for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, the last thing you may want to do is have to learn yet another user interface and program.

The first thing you should consider is that most of these tools aggregate your social media accounts, which means that six out of seven days of the week you’ll only need to log into that management suite to do your social media business. Using this kind of tool also means that you’ll only have to check one place for notifications, as well; this helps you keep up with questions and comments from your audience easily and helps you reference questions that may have been answered on another platform.

These tools often come with additional capabilities that are just as valuable as their ability to streamline. Some of them can track keywords and search strings for you to help you improve your content; others help by scheduling posts ahead of time. You may find new ways to do things on sites you thought you knew by using one tool to manage your content instead of logging in to every account manually.

Social Media Management Tools: Posting and Scheduling

The biggest benefit of a management tool is having one central place from which you can create and distribute your content. Here are some aggregation tools that can help you succeed:

  • HootSuite lets you manage multiple social media platforms – all from one single dashboard! Hootsuite also lets you bulk-schedule updates and comes with a limited free version you can try before investing.

  • Buffer does much the same as Hootsuite. Buffer allows users to schedule posts to different platforms; the paid versions also include analysis and collaboration tools.

  • Agora Pulse is similar and includes competitor analysis and other useful social media tools at a low price point.