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free SEO tools
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Anyone who wants to market their business effectively in today’s increasingly digital world needs to understand how SEO and content marketing work. Forbes explains that SEO (search engine optimization) is a technical way to increase desirable website traffic, while content marketing uses words and graphics that are designed to encourage customers to take action. Strategizing these properly can increase brand awareness—and profits—but learning how best to do so can be challenging. Fortunately, there are free SEO tools you can use to give your website a competitive edge.

Free SEO Tools

Monitorbacklinks defines SEO as “the art and science of matching your information…with what people are searching for online.” So, if you are selling winter coats, you would want your website to appear when consumers enter “top winter coats 2020” into Google’s search bar. You could use relevant keywords, such as “warmest coats” or “best outerwear.” Keywords can be used several times on a webpage, but content should flow with naturally; free SEO tools can really help you understand keyword placement.

Internal links are also important; once a possible customer arrives at your website, they may want to find out about other products, buying guides, or about the company’s history. Links to articles, blogs, and other information on the website’s menu are good ways to direct them to your content. Pros also know the importance optimizing images; this can be done by using specific phrases (“warmest coat of 2020) as image file names and alt tags.

Content writing usually has the goal of influencing readers to make buying decisions, ultimately—building brand loyalty is a good first step. Content should contain relevant keywords and information crafted to target website visitors. Free SEO tools can show how Google analyzes content to choose relevant pages and to rank the content. With these resources, you can learn how to craft content to get better rankings.

Best Free Tools for SEO

There are countless free SEO resources online, and this can make finding the best free tools for SEO a bit time-consuming. Keep in mind that some tools are not as good as others. When searching, be cautious about providing personal details; many request this information soon after arrive at the site. Some also lure people in with promises of free resources, only to later reveal that they charge fees.

There are, however, some tools that are well reviewed by experts, including free SEO tools that help with website auditing. One in particular is Answer the Public, which gathers together questions that people are entering into their Google search engines, along with the autocomplete results. Fans use this tool and others like it to generate topics and new ideas for their sites.

One of the best free SEO tools is SEO Webpage Analyzer. Its free version looks at one webpage at a time, breaking down its content and structure. The tools analyzes the page’s quality from a search engine’s point of view. There may be green (good) or red (bad) marks, indicating which sections are fine or in need of improvement.

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